We make good websites on principle. That’s our philosophy.

We would like to see a better world and a better web. That’s why we have made it our mission to give a voice to others who aspire to make the web a more beautiful place.

Our partners are NGOs, sustainable companies and other great projects. We offer them unusual and innovative solutions for their websites and communication strategies.

Our vision: a website as a landscape you love to explore

We want to create authentic stories and interactive experiences. Our respectful approach to your ideas and issues enables us to find just the right language so that your website make senses and generates meaning.
We are inspired by many perspectives and are always looking for new approaches. This currently includes exploring how the design principles of permaculture can be transferred to the web.

A new working culture

We are keen to break new ground and explore innovative ways of working and collaborating. We believe in working together respectfully and cooperatively; a diverse team and a flexible approach are also key factors for us. We are open to new working methods and strive to create a working environment where everyone feels comfortable. Our current ideas: a four-day working week and an office boat. :)
  • “Let’s start with empathy.”

  • “We don’t work for you, we work with you!”

  • “Emails are yesterday. Trello is our office.”

  • “Short deadlines and fast execution, please!“

  • “The web is our playground.”

  • “What does sustainability even mean? Let’s talk about it!”

  • “Let’s make the web a better place!”


Interdisciplinary: Good design is created when experts from different disciplines work together. That’s exactly what we do.

Elemental: Our websites are meaningful and intuitively tangible. Behind each project, there is a real exploration of the subject and its visual realisation.

Solidarity: We are always happy to do work that is socially relevant. That’s why we provide support free of charge to sustainable projects which aim to improve the world.


Unique: It’s different every time. Because individual requirements need individual solutions. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Geographically independent: Our work can be done from anywhere in the world. We are inspired by different people, cultures and nature.

Future-oriented: We are confronted with a wealth of new trends, applications and opportunities. Let’s find out together what is truly sustainable.


Inclusive: We strive to ensure good accessibility and usability for all user groups. Your message should reach everyone.

Cooperative: Together, we can achieve more. We want our collaboration with you to be cooperative, not competitive.

Long-term: Design from patterns to details. We focus on the essentials while also looking to the future.