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Webdesign: How much does a website cost? And other questions

We like the idea of doing things for good causes; we offer a special discount to non-profit organisations and social enterprises whose visions we share. In some cases, we even work for free. This means that our regular customers are also supporting our work on projects that are dedicated to making the world a better place.

If you are a non-profit organisation and would like to work with us, please get in touch. Complete our project planner and tell us something about what you do. We’re curious!

We can’t answer this question on the fly. It’s like asking what a house or a holiday costs - it always depends on many factors. ;)

To give you a rough idea of the costs, creating a new website with simple range functionality and design starts from about 6000 Euro. We offer discounts for NGOs.

Every project is unique and not only requires careful design, but also strategic research, planning and implementation. These are all important steps towards achieving the optimal results that our partners value so highly. If you’d like to receive a quote for your project, simply complete our project planner. Our pricing policy is transparent and we’ll give you a clear breakdown of our services - so it’s fair for you and for us!

Of course, there is little point in a beautiful website if no one can find it.

We think about search engine optimization right from the start: from the website concept and information structure to texts, setup and website implementation. We are also happy to provide continued support - because successful SEO is an ongoing process.

Here is a brief outline of how search engine optimisation can work:

1. Keywords

Which keywords does your target group use in Google searches? Which combination of terms are most effective for optimising your content? Opt for our SEO package and we will work together to compile a competitor analysis and find the answers to these fundamental questions.

2. OnPage

The next step is to optimise the technical and content aspects of the website. Where should keywords be placed? How can we keep users on the site longer? There is lots to do and we are happy to assist you with this!

3. OffPage

We work with you to develop a meaningful content strategy tailored to your project to ensure that you get maximum attention and generate high-quality back links from other websites.

What SEO can’t do:

  • We can’t guarantee position X on Google. Google determines website positions with the aid of multiple factors and secret algorithms which are frequently revised. Ranking parameters are also continually adjusted via machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, some of these criteria are known and Google actually makes recommendations. We use these to increase the visibility of your website.
  • We also can’t guarantee that you will maintain the ranking you have achieved indefinitely. If you want to stay at the top, SEO needs to be a dynamic, ongoing process rather than a one-off exercise.

Wir arbeiten mit dem beliebten und einfach zu erlernenden CMS WordPress. Ihr könnt euch jederzeit einloggen und auch ohne Programmierkenntnisse eure Texte und Bilder ändern oder neue Seiten und Blogposts erstellen. Entweder übernehmen wir die Betreuung eurer Website oder ihr übernehmt sie selbst – dazu geben wir euch bei Bedarf gern eine Schulung. Ihr bleibt in jedem Fall flexibel und unabhängig. Außerdem erhaltet ihr selbstverständlich alle Zugänge und das Recht, an eurer Website zu ändern, was ihr möchtet – wobei wir gerne so gut arbeiten, dass das nicht nötig ist.

Auch ihr verliebt euch sicherlich in WordPress. Warum? Zum Beispiel ist es:

  • vielfältig einsetzbar und flexibel erweiterbar
  • selbstständig pflegbar
  • suchmaschinenfreundlich angelegt
  • eine kostenlose Open-Source-Software

Last but not least steht hinter WordPress eine tolle Gemeinschaft von Menschen, die an der Software mitarbeiten, zu dieser beitragen und an die „Demokratisierung des Publizierens“ glauben.

There is more to sustainability than just eco-friendly products and fair trade. Graphic design and web design can also be developed in a way that is ecologically and socially responsible, contributing to the long-term success of our partners with vision and perspective.

Our partnerships place an emphasis on resource-saving project management, material-saving marketing campaigns and recyclable solutions. We are currently focussing on removing barriers and are striving to ensure accessibility and usability for all user groups.

For us, sustainable design is also about being inspired by permaculture and we explore how its fundamental design principles can be replicated online.

Process: Can we have that yesterday?

Creating or redesigning a website involves a great deal of interaction with you. That’s why we love working with the excellent project management tool, Trello.

This web-based application lets you create, coordinate and document tasks so that everyone involved can see the latest project status at a glance. Trello offers an added bonus: it clearly archives all work stages so that nothing gets lost. No more email chaos in your mailbox: Trello’s simple user interface avoids unnecessary functions and thrives on interaction. Let’s communicate effectively. :)

I particularly appreciated the transparent communication via Trello; this significantly reduced the strain on our email inboxes.

Mattheus Hagedorny – take a look at our testimonials for more customer feedback.

A. Your customised quote

Our project planner gives you the opportunity to provide a brief outline of your ideas. We will then have an in-depth personal consultation so that, right from the outset, we have a clearer understanding of what you want to achieve. Once our team have discussed your requirements, we’ll prepare a carefully planned quote for you with a transparent breakdown of the services offered.

If we don’t have sufficient capacity at the time of your request, we’ll be happy to put you on our waiting list; you’ll just need a little patience.

B. Project launch: here we go!

After our first meeting, we will have an intensive exchange in the form of a short workshop. This is where we strengthen our understanding of your project and work together with you to define concrete goals, longer-term perspectives and an overall concept.

C. C. Implementation: your project begins to take shape

The creation of your website depends on our collaboration with you, our partner!

We’ll stay in continuous contact throughout the project. You’ll receive regular updates and requests for feedback and we’ll let you know at an early stage exactly what we need from you. The Trello project management tool has proven to be ideal for keeping everything in one place throughout the project. You can find out more about this below. :)

D. Handover & long-term support: let’s launch!

As part of the website launch, we’ll provide you with all the important data and information you need. On request, we can also manage your project on a long-term basis and help you with marketing and search engine optimisation. If you have any other requests, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Just tell us what you need: our network makes many things possible.

Das hängt vom gewünschten Umfang ab. Habt ihr bereits klare Vorstellungen und ein ausgearbeitetes Konzept, kommen wir schneller zum Ergebnis, als wenn wir ein Projekt von Anfang an begleiten. Ihr solltet in jedem Fall ausreichend Zeit für Zuarbeit und Feedback einplanen – besonders, wenn ihr selbst eine volle Arbeitswoche habt.

Je nach Projektumfang rechnen wir mit ein paar Wochen bis ein paar Monaten bis zum Launch. Besonders eilige Aufträge können wir auch schneller realisieren – zum Beispiel mit unserem Website-Design-Sprint!

Wir sind ein großer Fan ambitionierter Deadlines, doch denkt bitte beim Setzen der Deadline auch eigene Kapazitäten mit. ;)

Wir freuen uns auf den nächsten Sprint!

You can reach our agency online from anywhere in the world. We are also happy to meet you in person in Berlin. We communicate with many of our customers exclusively via Trello, telephone, appear.in and Skype, and it works beautifully!

We can offer workshops in-house or at our co-working space in Berlin. Kick-offs and other small-scale workshops can take place online. Whether you’re at home in Berlin or elsewhere on the planet, we look forward to collaborating with you as partners and communicating as equals.

Behind the scenes: Who are you anyway?

Whether we interact on or offline, we always communicate on a real person-to-person basis. We are completely committed to our work, with all our strengths and weaknesses. And this is what we also hope for from our partners.

What’s more, we are strongly goal-oriented. We won’t create a website until we have clearly defined with you what your conversion goals are. We then base our structure and design on this. Our many years of experience enable us to support you on the things that matter most. This means that we sometimes ask provocative questions. ;)

And last but not least, we love good content and intelligent storytelling. We want to tell stories that are inspiring, touching and captivating. Let’s find the right language to tell your story together.

At our agency, everyone does what they do best, without the need for high administration costs. We are an agency with an affiliated full-service network of freelancers, who cooperate independently with each other on projects.

Each project has its own project manager and a single contact person who coordinates everything whilst at the same time, you have access to our comprehensive pool of experts.

Digital remote teams are the future and we prove that it works. Working in a self-determined way is part of our team’s success story. So not all of us are always in Berlin: some of us head south, especially for the winter. Isn’t that great? :)

This flexibility means there’s no need for an expensive open-plan office and you benefit from a fair price/performance ratio. We are internationally represented and well connected through our offices in Germany and Spain. We are always available for you in person at our Berlin office - one of our team is generally on site.

In the digital age, a digital office is almost a standard for good business practice.  The paperless office is a sustainable concept which allows you to organise your work in a more independent way.

Thanks to our efficient and transparent communication and workflow structures, we save valuable time, so there is more to spend on the good things in life. :)

„I loved the fact that it was an online workshop, which I could easily integrate into my work routine. I wasn’t convinced the workshop would be as effective on Skype as in person, but it definitely was.“

Sandra Spönemann - take a look at the testimonials for more customer feedback.

Design and Marketing Glossary


A Content Management System (CMS) is a software tool which allows you to edit your own content once your website is complete. We work with the most popular and user-friendly CMS: WordPress.


„Conversion“  is a term used in online marketing. A successful conversion is when visitors to a website are successfully directed to a certain online activity, for example, when a potential customer is converted into an actual customer.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers at a variety of measures aimed at improving a website’s rankings on major search engines for specific keywords and phrases. A good Google ranking is no coincidence!


Trello is a free project management tool similar to a virtual notice board. It has a clear and intuitive interface for assigning tasks, which can be viewed by all participants.


WordPress is a CMS, a content management system, that lets you create and edit your website content even if you have no knowledge of programming. WordPress is suitable for almost all types of websites and is used by many large companies. WordPress is currently the most widely used Open Source CMS in the world.